Life in Oregon

Life in Oregon

Salem is the capitol of Oregon located in the beautiful Willamette Valley. With a population of 160,000 and being approximately an hour from Portland, Salem is an ideal location for young professionals. Salem’s  enjoys a “Mediterranean Climate,” getting most of its precipitation in the late fall through winter, while dry season is June – September. Winters are mild, with only occasional snowfalls and average temperatures in the low 50's, while summer temperatures average in the 80's. 

Salem is host to a number of local and cultural events. From May through October Salem features a weekly market, which emphasizes local products including arts, meats, produce, and baked goods. Additionally, summer includes a Wednesday farmers market downtown in Courthouse Square, a Holiday Gift Market in December, and a 60 year old indoor Saturday Public Market which is open year round. Culturally, Salem is host to the annual World Beat Festival sponsored by the Salem Multicultural Institute.  The two day event is held in June at Riverfront Park and features international crafts, music, dance, and food from around the world. Salem also is also home to the Salem Stampede (in the International Basketball League) and the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, a minor league baseball team.

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Salem also hosts a number of attractions including historical sites & museums, wineries & vinyards, a wide variety of restaurants, a number of state parks, and easy access to outdoor recreational activities. A comprehensive list of Salem’s attractions can be found at the TravelSalem homepage.


                                                                               Portland Skyline     Photo By: Digon3  Source: WikiCommons

                                                                               Cape Cove, Oregon     Photo By Gabor Eszes Source: WikiCommons