Past interns were asked to consider what they think applicants should know about training at this site; here is what they wanted to share:

OSH was my top choice for internship and I loved it even more than I expected. The diversity and depth of the training opportunities are unparalleled, due partially to the fact that OSH is the only state hospital in Oregon, and as such, has to meet a multiplicity of needs (e.g., GEI, competency, DBT, violence risk, geropsychology, neuropsychology, etc). The OSH-PIP faculty are knowledgeable, supportive, and invested in trainees' success. They routinely go out of their way to incorporate feedback and individualize training plans to meet trainee needs and interests. In addition to the internship didactics, OSH has regular trainings and grand rounds on a number of relevant topics. There are also opportunities to do research. Really, whatever you want to do, chances are, you can do it at OSH in an engaging, supportive environment that also promotes work-life balance at a critical juncture for developing adaptive professional habits. It also doesn't hurt that the hospital is only a few years old with lovely workplace amenities (e.g., laptops, standing desks, cafe, coffee shop, gym) and Salem, Oregon is one of the most beautiful areas in the country. I am so grateful I got to spend my internship year at OSH with amazing faculty and fellow interns.”
—Andrea Avila, JD PhD (2018-2019 cohort and current OSH employee)

“After visiting OSH and meeting with the training staff on interview day, I immediately knew this was where I wanted to spend my internship training year. My initial positive impression was quickly affirmed after starting my first rotation. The rotations offered are a unique blend of forensic and clinical training with an acute patient population. There are a variety of experiences available ranging from forensic and violence risk assessment to treatment with different populations utilizing different treatment modalities. All of the supervisors are very knowledgeable and invested in the growth and development of the trainees. I would highly recommend OSH-PIP to anyone who is interested in working with a SPMI population, whether that be doing forensic or clinical work.”
—Ashley Estoup, PsyD (2018-2019 cohort)

"I can’t recommend the training experience at OSH enough- the internship training committee is genuinely committed to your growth as an individual and professional. I learned so much, developed meaningful professional relationships, and fostered a healthy work-life balance. OSH was my top internship choice and I enjoyed my experience so much that I stayed as a resident and intend to continue working at the hospital!”
—Nicole Humphrey, PsyD (2018-2019 cohort and current OSH employee)

“I loved my internship experience at OSH. The internship provided new clinical experiences, tailored my training to my interests and needs, and created a supportive, engaging learning environment. The OSH-PIP faculty are excellent mentors, and I am so grateful to have trained with them. If that's not enough, the Salem, Oregon area is beautiful and there is a great work-life balance. My time and training at OSH prepared me to become a competent clinical psychologist working in an inpatient hospital setting.”
—Elizabeth Turner, PsyD (2018-2019 cohort)

“When I went through the internship interview process for the 2017-2018 training year, OSH was one of my top choices when I was comparing the training manuals of all the sites I applied to. I was excited to get an interview, but a snowstorm in Portland prevented me from having an in-person interview, and I ended up interviewing over the phone. Although there was disappointment, I could not meet the training committee, or see the site in person, I was still able to get a good feel for the training experiences I would have access to and some of the supervisors I could work with. I matched with OSH before ever even stepping foot in the state, and I have never once regretted it. I knew OSH would prepare to meet my overall career goals, and the training I received helped me become a well-qualified applicant for forensic postdocs. The atmosphere at OSH was one that cared about training interns to be the best at the workhey do. Everyone was welcoming and knowledgeable, and they collectively helped shape me into a confident and competent psychologist. I formed amazing relationships with many people that I have maintained to this day. I will always look back at my time at OSH as not only an amazing training year, but one of the best personal experiences I have had.”
—Jeff Washelesky, PsyD (2017-2018 cohort)

“The OSH-PIP internship committee and my rotation supervisors provided a well-rounded and thorough forensic training experience. They truly supported my professional growth and development as well as promoted maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Additionally, living in Oregon offers many opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast as well as a fabulous dining culture. I enjoyed my experience at OSH so much that I decided to return as a licensed professional.”
—Mike Wojtkowicz, PsyD (2017-2018 cohort and current OSH employee)

“Oregon State Hospital (OSH) prepared me for a thrilling and fulfilling career as a forensic psychologist. The breadth and the quality of their training opportunities were the ultimate reasons I ranked them as my top choice. Once I arrived on campus, I found that the rich history, the beautiful grounds, and the dedication of the supervisors enhanced my experience even more.  Ultimately, it is not the site that creates a great training experience, it is the individuals managing the program. Five years later, I continue to model myself after the extraordinary supervisors I encountered at OSH.” 
—Lexi Almaraz Caplan, PsyD (2015-2016 cohort)

“My experience with the Oregon State Hospital Psychology Internship Program (OSH-PIP) provided me with invaluable experience and knowledge, which has prepared me for my current therapeutic work with the client population I currently serve (i.e., the chronically and severely mentally ill). The various and diverse clinical rotations were designed to offer a wide breadth and depth of clinical practice, and my supervisors were knowledgeable, experienced, thoughtful and caring. I highly recommend this program for any student who is interested in gaining experience working in a forensic hospital setting and developing skills in evidence-based assessment and treatment.”
—Sean Agopian, PhD (2015-2016 cohort)

I have highly valued my experience training at OSH-PIP.  The supervisors, training opportunities, and access to resources are phenomenal.  I felt very supported by all of the excellent Internship Training Committee supervisors; they are responsive, flexible, and incredibly dedicated to making the interns’ training experiences the best they can be.  The seemingly endless rotation options proved difficult to decide between, with the ITC allowing for individualized adjustments to ensure we could all balance filling training gaps, enhancing existing skills, and further specializing in our specific interests.  Training aside, the area surrounding Salem provides a variety of recreational activities and experiences.  Heading east, the central Cascades are close enough to enjoy hiking, camping, and skiing, while travelling west provides access to the Oregon coast, and north offers many urban opportunities in the Portland area.  I highly recommend OSH-PIP for anyone interested in working in a forensic, inpatient setting with individuals presenting with serious and persistent mental illness.”
–Molly Shepard, PhD (2019-2020 Cohort & current OSH postdoctoral resident)

“Looking for a diverse forensic internship, the Oregon State Hospital Psychology Internship Program was very appealing. I ranked OSH-PIP as my number one choice for internship and am so happy I matched. My internship year was exactly what I hoped it would be. I was able to learn from experts in their respective fields who supported learning, professional development, and personal growth. The relationships I built during my internship have continued, and I still regularly speak and consult with many of my former supervisors. Additionally, The patient population and setting allowed the internship to be tailored to my interests while ensuring I was exposed to a wide range of experiences. Lastly, the Willamette Valley is a wonderful place to live with lots to do outside of work. You’re close to mountains, the coast, and a metropolitan area. Overall, I can’t recommend OSH-PIP enough for internship.”
–Andrew Orf, PsyD (2016-2017 Cohort and current OSH employee)